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7 Major Benefits of Installing Gutter Guards

Gutters are an important component on your home, helping to protect your landscaping, prevent basement flooding, protect your home’s foundation, and prevent erosion.

When you’re gutters are working well, they’re wonderful. When they are clogged up with debris and filled with standing water, however, they can be a bit of a nightmare.

Are you wondering if getting gutter guards is the right choice for you and your home?

Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

1. Avoid Insect and Mice Infestations

Gutter guard installation can stop insects and vermin, such as spiders, birds, mice, mosquitoes, squirrels, and bats, from breeding in your gutters. This is because having other guards will help to reduce the amount of stagnant water that is constantly sitting in your gutters.

Stagnant water is something that attracts vermin, birds, and insects to utilize your gutters as a place to breed. Other guards also function as a physical barrier to rodents, possums, and birds, who would otherwise try and get behind the fascia boards and into the roof and attic space of your house.

2. Save Time and Money

When you install gutter guards on your gutter system, they prevent leaves and debris from accumulating in your gutters and getting your gutter system all clogged up. Without gutter guards, at some point, either you or a professional will have to clean them out. In both instances, this will cost you in money and in time.

Some degree still my end up collecting on top of gutter guards, however, they are so much easier to clean than clogged gutters. Gutter guards will require occasional maintenance just like everything else in your home, but it is much simpler to maintain these gutter guards then to have to remove debris, twigs, leaves, and seeds from your gutter system itself.

It is typically recommended that you get your gutters cleaned twice a year at least. With a gutter guard installation, you likely will not have to get your gutters cleaned nearly as often.

3. Gutter Guards Help Alleviate Gutter Freezing and Ice Dams

Water that gets trapped in your gutter system can end up freezing and resulting in ice dams during the winter. While installing gutter guards doesn’t necessarily prevent ice dams entirely, the fact that it can prevent debris from building up can certainly help to alleviate the occurrence of ice dams.

4. Protection From Fire

It might not be an obvious benefit of gutter guards, but they can actually provide added fire protection. If you live in an area that is prone to brushfires and wildfires, keeping your gutters free of dry leaves and debris can help to protect your home. If your gutters are clogged with dry debris, a fire could end up starting and quickly spreading.

5. Improve Gutter Water Flow

It’s important that your gutter system has proper water flow. However, it is common for gutters to get clogged up. With gutter guards, the flow of water through your downspouts in your gutters can be improved because of the lack of leaves and debris dunking up your system.

If you have a rain barrel or a rainwater tank,  gutter guards can help ensure that your tank fills as quickly as possible when it rains. You also be glad to know that the water in your tank will be cleaner because it will not have passed through so much debris and contaminants.

6. Gutter Guards Prevent Premature Corrosion and Rust

If there is standing water or moist leaves and debris in your gutters, then the likelihood of rust or corrosion forming in your gutters is greatly increased. Since gutter guards can help to prevent pine needles, leaves, twigs, needs, and other debris from accumulating, they can help to prevent premature rust and corrosion.

That means that gutter guards are an investment that can help to extend the life of your gutters.

7. Stop Blockages

Have you noticed that it seems like your gutters overflow when your area is experiencing heavy rain? If so, then as possible that your gutters are blocked or clogs. That means that you are likely a good candidate for a gutter guard insulation.

Overflowing gutters are not just an annoyance, but they are actually quite dangerous. When water overflows it can cause water to enter your home or collect around your foundation in a way that damages the foundation. Overflowing gutters can also lead to stains on the outside of your house that are quite unsightly.

How to Install Gutter Guards

It is possible to install gutter guards yourself if you are hoping to cut down on gutter guard cost. However, the job isn’t the easiest and you might find that you didn’t save that much money doing it yourself versus hiring a professional.

If you decide to install gutter guards on your own, you’ll have to determine which material of gutter guard you want to use. Then you’ll have to collect the necessary tools and also make sure that you have a ladder tall enough so you can access your gutters.

When deciding what type of gutter guards to install, consider that our Xtreme Gutter Guard comes equipped with a 20 year guarantee. When you run the numbers on the cost of a shorter-lasting gutter guard installation versus having professionals install longer lasting gutter guards, you might find that the latter is more cost effective.

Is It Time to Protect Your Gutters and Your Home With Gutter Guards?

As you can see, gutter guards can help to protect your home and your wallet in a number of different ways. When you protect your gutter system, you’re making an investment that will end up saving you money and stress in the long run.

Our gutter guard system, Xtreme Gutter Guard, is designed to actually strengthen your gutters and comes with a 20-year guarantee.

Is it time for you to protect your gutter system and your home with the best gutter guards around? If so, contact us today for a free estimate!

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