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7 Signs Your Home Needs Gutter Guards

The changing seasons bring a lot of beautiful transformations into the world around us, from fiery fall leaves to blossoms on our flowering trees. But while most of us look forward to these changes, there’s one thing most homeowners dread: cleaning nature’s leftovers out of the gutters.

This tedious task is a common item on most people’s seasonal to-do list, but it doesn’t have to be. With gutter guards, you can instead allow water to flow into your gutter while keeping debris out, making them a smart choice for any homeowner.

But how can you tell when it’s time to take the plunge? Here are seven signs your home needs gutter guards.

1. Your Gutters Are Sagging

When your gutters grow heavy with leaves, twigs, and other debris, the accumulated weight can cause your gutters to buckle and bend. When the buildup includes heavier items like shingles, granules, or pine cones, you’ll find the problem grows even worse.

In addition, these types of blockages can prevent water from flowing as fast as it should, adding the extra weight of the water to the scale. In the worst-case scenario, the added weight can even cause the gutters to pull away from your home, which can cause further issues, or even require total gutter replacement.

Cleaning your gutters on a regular basis can help your gutters, but it can’t reverse the damage that’s already been done. If your gutters often go a long time without being cleaned, or if you’ve noticed them curving or bending downward, it may be time to look for gutter guard companies to help prevent the damage from growing worse.

2. Your Walls Are Stained or Mildewed

The role of a gutter system is to keep excess water from collecting around a home’s foundation. The spouts extend outward to allow water to flow out onto the lawn instead of next to the building itself.

However, when your spouts are often clogged, they may not work as they should. Instead of sending water away from the home, water may spill over the sides and damage your outside walls.

Mold and mildew are clear signs of growing moisture, so when you see them around the sides of your home, it’s time to start searching “gutter guard installation near me” right away.

3. Pests Have Moved in

When organic debris like leaves, twigs, and dirt pile up in your gutters, they make inviting homes for pests that live nearby. From burrowing insects to birds’ nests and squirrel dens, you may find that your home has become a breeding ground without your knowledge!

Clearing pests out of your gutters is the first step to reclaiming your home, but keeping them out is an important next move. Gutter guards are a simple way to prevent debris from building up—and to keep larger critters out entirely.

4. You’re Worried About Your Roof’s Integrity

Waterlogged leaves trap moisture, and moisture and metal don’t mix well. Over time, corrosion and rust set in, both of which can allow moisture to move beyond your gutters and into the structure of your home.

Damp spaces can create a habitable zone for problems like mold and algae, which can in turn trap more moisture. With all the water inside your roof, you may find that essential parts of it begin to deteriorate and rot over time.

If you’ve noticed corrosion or rust on your gutters, it’s a good idea to get gutter guards before it’s too late, adding years to your gutters’ lifespan.

5. You Don’t Have Time to Clean

Proper cleaning and debris removal takes time, and sometimes it’s time you don’t have. If it’s been ages since you last cleaned out your gutters, or if it seems like you’re always climbing up on your roof for a cleaning before a storm, it may be time to find an alternative method.

This can be especially true for homeowners whose roof sits under the shade of a tree. Constantly falling leaves, twigs, and acorns can present an ongoing problem that you spend a great deal of time clearing away.

6. You’re Ready to Spend Less on Gutter Cleaning Services

If you don’t have time to check gutter cleaning off of your home maintenance checklist, hiring a service will run you somewhere between $150-225 on average, with larger homes costing more. Worse, you should do this at least twice a year, with some houses requiring even more frequent cleaning.

With gutter guards, you’ll pay a one-time price and receive a 20-year guarantee, meaning you won’t have to worry about additional costs for years to come.

7. Cleaning Your Gutters Makes You Feel Unsafe

Ladder-related injuries send over 160,000 people to the emergency room and cause 300 deaths each year. Climbing onto a precarious ladder can be risky, especially if you need to maintain your balance while you handle the task of gutter cleaning. Basic ladder safety can help, but it doesn’t negate the risk of injury.

If you want to keep yourself or a loved one off the roof, gutter guards are the way to go. With a reduced need to perform cleaning tasks, you and your family can keep your feet on the ground where they belong.

Let Us Protect Your Home With Gutter Guards

Already searching “gutter guards near me”? If you’re finally convinced that this essential hardware system is right for your home, we’re here to help.

Our gutter guard solution is the trusted choice for homeowners throughout the Madison, Rockford, Milwaukee, and Appleton areas, and our team is ready to help you get your home protected.

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